1. Sandra

    Wow, I wish I had that advise with my Jessica. I thought I was doing such a great job being both mom and dad and being her hero ,but I just mad her so dependent on me instead. Sometimes we smother rather then care for. It is hard to stand on the side lines and for me that would have felt like not having control and I needed to be at least has a parent because the rest of my life was so unsure. You are so right with letting them learn and it’s important to find that balance and to know when to step in. At least you are home to guide them along the way. Love reading your words.

  2. Lois Fricker

    I must confess I shed a few tears reading Caleb’s loving , selfless and sensitive response to you when he could so easily have chosen to ‘throw stones’ as I like to call it. I love reading your blog and staying connected to you this way. Xo

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