1. Lois Fricker

    I love your back to school ideas! I think Emily just may enjoy the back to school countdown and the printable Calendar for her room. We try to do the earlier bedtime routine as well as talk about any anxieties or concerns she may have with starting a new school year. Your children are blessed to have such a loving and attentive set of parents to train them up and equip them for life. Keep writing! I’m loving every minute of it! Xo

  2. Sandra

    Great work Lindsay , I had to do a lot of prep work with Brook this year yo for starting high school. It doesn’t get easier. Your kids are so lucky to have you to teach them all this and for you to be lucky enough to be at home to help them and be so creative and supportive,not that working mothers can’t .lol We just have more time to be attentive. Love reading your post.

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