Serendipitous Sundays is just the place for me to pour out all those things on my heart (or in my head).

Serendipity. Probably my favourite word in the whole of the English language. When unexpectedly good things happen, that’s serendipity.

The dictionary’s definition usually mentions these good things happening purely by accident, but I disagree. This is where the Sundays come in. I have faith. I have faith in a bigger picture, one that I’ve never been able and may never be able to see clearly or understand. I draw comfort in knowing I was made with purpose and come from love. And in knowing this, when we are ultimately faced with unexpected hardships, we can have the hope and the patience to say, “God isn’t finished yet”.

Born and raised in a smallish town – we relocated to the “big city” in the fall of 2012. Passionate about all things “education”, a soft-spot for languages and early-learners, we moved with my teaching career in mind. Serendipitously – another plan has transpired. We were given the amazing gift of two beautiful twin boys and are now in the process of discovering what our “new normal” will look like.

Here is what my heart looks like on the outside:


Who am I? An imperfect mom of 4 beautiful children – I’m ultimately trying to do my best by them. A self-proclaimed Janeite (that is, preoccupied with all things Jane Austen) and hopeless romantic with an ever-growing addiction to Jamberry Nail Wraps,  I will never pass up the planning of a good party, or playing with the idea of a DIY room makeover.

My husband – Caleb. My high school sweetheart, he pushes me to be a better mom and wife, all the while tolerating my ambitious dreams and embracing my crazy ideas – always doing what I ask of him (thank goodness he is handy with a hammer, and is a closet perfectionist). He is a man of order, which is made difficult by my clutter-filled paper trail that seems to follow behind me wherever I go…

Fric_081Our beautiful daughter – Hailey.  At 7 years old, she has always been our “old lady”. An old soul with the biggest heart of anyone I’ve ever met, she can’t seem to help but take on the whole world’s worries. When she’s not worrying about the lady at the market who is selling her paintings to be able to afford groceries, or worrying about her mother when her two littlest brothers are both crying and dad’s not home yet, she can be caught fixing her hair in the mirror, or dancing to the beat of whatever song happens to be on the radio. She believes in the power of prayer, and I am trying to keep it that way for as long as I can.

Fric_087Our oldest son – Zachary. At 5, he is my little man, who would never use the word “little” to describe himself. High-spirited and self-assured – he thinks he’s figured out the ways of the world, and will let you know when you’re wrong (which is often). An aptitude for all things athletics, something he gets from his father, he could spend all of his time either playing a sport or watching it on television. Catch him at the right moment and he melts into this gooey mass of hugs, kisses and cuddles. He’s become the perfect playmate for his sister, soul mates, in my opinion, (which is good because with the arrival of their younger brothers – they’ve moved in together and are now sharing a room).

Fric_066Our newest bundles – Ethan and Henry. Since the moment we found out we were having twin boys, life has not stopped being interesting. Everyday is something new, and we have enjoyed getting to know their distinct little personalities, while simultaneously type-casting them – playfully mapping their lives out for them, just too excited to watch it all unfold from the sidelines.




Fric_048Ethan – a laid-back, rather easy-going guy. He is our pickiest eater of the 4. Our gentle soul, when he’s hurt his whole body let’s it show – from the saddest boo-boo face to the deepest cry. The resident ham, he’s a true mama’s boy through and through. Ethan sticks close to my side, venturing out at the coaxing of his twin brother.




Fric_074Henry – our firecracker from day 1. He is by far our busiest baby. Very independent, curious and adventurous, he has no fear, which usually gets him into trouble. Henry will eat anything and everything. He lives his life to the fullest – plays hard, sleeps hard – and when he’s ready for sleep, he will let you know.

So far Ethan and Henry have carried out the roles we had assigned to them as they were dancing around in the womb. But, ultimately, time will tell for these two.



Thanks for coming along for the ride with us as we try and see the serendipity in every new day – and as I constantly remind myself to be patient with these 4 beautiful gifts that are all depending on me and to let go of all of the things that don’t really matter.

– Much Love.


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