10 Reasons Why Living Away from Family… sucks. 

1. Every time I have the pleasure of witnessing my babies reach a new milestone, I realize it’s just another milestone our families have missed. 

Speaking of milestones, Henry is officially walking.

2. Every time I have the pleasure of witnessing my babies reach a new milestone, I’m reminded of all the milestones we’re going to miss. 

Speaking of missing milestones, our sister is having a baby. 

3. Every family gathering, all of those family traditions, are now just memories – Memories my children won’t have the pleasure of experiencing the way we did. 

 Thanksgiving is my favourite time of year. 

4. Visiting family means living out of a suitcase for 3 weeks. 

Although you never have trouble trying to decide on something to wear, I always manage to forget to pack something important. 

5. Sometimes you just want to sleep in your own bed. 

However, I didn’t miss our IKEA bed frame… those middle-of-the-night wake up calls always seem to result in large bruises on my outer thigh. 

6. Flying across Canada doesn’t come cheap. 

That may have something to do with having 4 kids though. 

7. Driving across Canada (as an alternative) sucks up those precious vacation days.

Not to mention, driving across Canada with 2 children and 2 toddlers, sounds kind of like a death sentence. 

8. Planning a vacation over the holidays? It’s the most expensive time to travel.

It just so happens to be the time you want to be with your family the most. 

9. Vacation days are shorter when your visiting family.

All of your time is spent “visiting”, leaving no time to just, “be together”. 

10. Goodbyes get harder, not easier.


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